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About Us

About Us

Higher education is our specialty, placing top candidates in rewarding careers is what we do.

Our full-time staff includes educational recruiting experts dedicated to matching applicants with rewarding opportunities in all positions within the post-secondary education field. Hire Ed Solutions works nationally to locate the most qualified applicants available.

HireEd Mailing Address

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Meet Our Team

Elizabeth Lepine

Elizabeth Lepine

One of the most listed skills on résumés is “an attention to details”. So there’s no doubt that details are important, and that is where Elizabeth shines. Her job is to make sure everything runs smoothly so that our recruiters can focus on placements. When she isn’t setting up travel for clients, she loves to set it up for herself.

Desmond Labor

Desmond Labor

Desmond has more than 15 years of recruitment experience in both the public and private sector, including Fortune 500 companies. He has a passion for photography, which has helped him develop a great eye for talent and placement.

Brad Britt - Hire Ed Solutions

Brad Britt

Brad has a strong background in direct-hire staffing services, and his current focus is on academic departments. His placement record really packs a punch—maybe due to his black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Anthony Thran

Anthony Thran

Anthony mixes his a background in sales with years of recruitment experience, which has given him unique insight and a persuasive approach to placement.
He loves gardening and has quite the green thumb, which helps him grow careers at work and rutabagas at home.

Peter Lugo

Peter Lugo

With more than 10 years of customer service under his belt, Peter is no noob when it comes to supporting recruiters. His love of strategy games and winning personality help our recruiters move forward with placements.

Elise Li - Hire Ed Solutions

Elise Li

With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Elise is an expert in all facets of recruitment and placement. She knows how to push the envelope and get amazing results. Elise is always seeking adrenaline and adventure—she is even a certified skydiver.


Denisha Gwin

Denisha has more than five years of experience in admissions and recruitment. She grew up in Germany with a drill sergeant father, so she knows how to whip great candidates into shape. When she’s not recruiting, she’s channeling her competitive spirit into sports. Now drop and give her 50.


Jill Viernes

Jill finds qualified candidates the way she shops: with great enthusiasm. She’s been a team member since 2013 and specializes in recruiting quickly and efficiently, like it’s the last day of a big sale.


Maria Huerta

Maria has two loves: corporate recruiting and musical theater. Well, also her family and her 2-year-old Siberian husky. Maria has years of experience in staffing and education—and in belting out show tunes at the top of her lungs.


Tevin Watkins

Tevin is a leader. Whether it’s qualified job candidates or his youth football team, Tevin inspires the best in people. He also has years of experience in recruiting nationwide for nonprofit and for-profit organizations. So go ahead and call him “Coach.”


Yolanda Velez

Yolanda is as dedicated to recruiting as she is to meeting her daily Fitbit goal. She has 8 years of experience in the recruiting environment and 9 years of experience as an account manager—and she’s passionate about helping people find jobs. Chances are you’ll see her walking all around town in her spare time to reach a whopping 70,000 steps per week.


Daniel Arons

Daniel is a senior recruiter with 9 years of experience in recruitment. He excels at identifying the strengths and personalities of candidates to make sure they’re a perfect fit. His dedication shows in his off-time, too, when he goes mountain biking. In Florida. To Daniel, nothing is impossible.

Nicole Watson_Small

Nicole Watson

Nicole Watson is responsible for sourcing promising candidates within the education space. She moved to Tampa from Nashville, where one can only assume she wore fancy cowboy boots while working for over 10 years in customer relations and recruitment. Yee-haw.

Olivia Ku

Olivia Ku

With more than 10 years of experience in operations, Olivia Ku knows how to sharpen the way we do recruiting. When she’s not giving us valuable insights, she’s working on her goal to visit one country per year—which should keep her pretty busy for the next 195 years.

Anthony Elix_Small

Anthony Elix

If you spend time around Anthony, you might start seeing double—literally, because he has a twin brother. And he’s so efficient as a recruiter that his manager would swear there’s two of him. Anthony interviews applicants, analyzes their work history and ensures the best possible fit for every position.

Karen Carlozzi

Karen Carlozzi

When Karen’s not whipping up culinary masterpieces in the kitchen, she’s guiding the team on finding the perfect ingredients for Ultimate Medical Academy’s student services centers. As a director, Karen has experience in corporate recruitment and campus operations.